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Monday to Friday. Will be published in the telegram channel. Any updates will also be added as they happen. 

Our unique AI system is designed to predict future market turning points. It is a time sensitive AI, meaning that you are looking for highs and lows in the market at a certain time. If you see a peak, at say 3pm on the S&P, you would be looking for the S&P to go up until 3pm, then you would place a sell trade for that time, for the market to turn. All the information you need to place trades and understand the AI is in the education videos in the education section of this website. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Yes, we will give trade examples, and if we see any good setups coming up that day, we will post them in the telegram group, with entry levels and stop loss. 

Not at this stage, but we are looking at it for the future.

We highly recommend reading ‘Trade What You See’ by Larry Pesavento 

Yes, lots – see our Youtube channel and articles in the education section of this website. 

Yes you can. If you have paid for an annual subscription, you will not be charged for the next year. If you are paying monthly, you will not be charged for the next month. 

For traditional markets we give charts for the US and Europe Indices, Oil, Gold and Forex. We will occasionally send out charts on Asian Indices and stocks if we happen to see a good set up. 

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