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About Us

Jason Langdon

I started my trading career in early 2016. After having a lot of success with covered calls, I decided to leave my civil construction job and trade full time. Since then, I have tried many different trading strategies, including options, price action, candlesticks, Elliott Wave and scalping. While running the gamut of the ups and downs of a trader, I finally came across pattern trading and realized that this was the best style of trading that suited me. With the help of my mentor, Larry Pesavento, I dug deeper into ABCD and Gartley patterns and how they run to Fibonacci levels. From this, I developed my own AI, predicting time based turning points in the markets. 

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I have been travelling around the world with my family, trading full time. I am passionate about helping others become successful traders, so that they can gain freedom and financial independence. Through my own experience of winning and losing, I know how hard and frustrating trading can be, and the toll it takes on a person’s psyche. It’s one of the reasons I created the AI, to help people make informed trades. It’s also a reason why I am a strong advocate for trading psychology and mindset, an area that is still lagging in the trading world. Be sure to check our education area and YouTube channel for more information on trading tips and psychology. 

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